Common Questions

What is the shortest duration of the contract for each card?

The cards are valid for minimum 12 months and will need to be renewed annually.  You will still be charged for whole period if you cancel your card earlier than 12 months.

Do you offer free health consultations?

Yes. It applies to duty doctor, duty dentist and beautician consultation. It does not apply to specialist consultations though they are offered at discounted rates.

What is your registration procedure?

You need to choose your plan and complete the relevant registration form. Afterwards, you will need to make the payment and inform us about your start date. Your card will be sent to your address and can be collected from our Clinic.

How many people can benefit from the cards?

It depends on the plan your choose. If you choose personal membership card, you will personally benefit from all cover. However, anyone else you referred to us will only have 10 percent discount for the consultation fees.

If you choose family membership card, you, your chosen partner and one child will be covered under package. You can add another child to the cover with paying either 30 or 20 percent extra depending on the age of the child.